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Featured Artist: Helga Schulte-Schroeer

'Spires' by Helga Schulte-SchroeerBiography:

Growing up on an organic farm in Germany in the early 1950s I learned to appreciate the abundance and beauty of nature – provided freely at the price of hard work.  Fibre work was an integral part of my upbringing and I learned to manipulate wool from my grandmother at the early age of three. I took an immediate liking to the endless possibilities of the material and have worked with it ever since.  Though for most of my life I earned a living in the social field,... Continued...

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The Eastern Manitoba Artists Collective (EMAC) is an informal group of established and emerging artists from Eastern Manitoba who have come together to market their work and to promote and encourage each other as artists. 

EMAC’s region covers all of Eastern Manitoba from the Ontario border, west to Winnipeg, and from the Canada-USA border, north to Manigotagan and Seymourville. The communities within this region are culturally diverse and EMAC encourages participation from anglophone, francophone, and aboriginal communities. EMAC predominantly represents artisans from Eastern Manitoba, though members from outside the area are also welcome. Continued...

Eastern Manitoba Artists Collective Members handle all customer inquiries personally.

 Interested buyers can contact the artist directly to make and inquiry and purchase a piece. Payment and... Continued...

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Melon Study
'Melon Study' by Darlene Omichinski

'Siera' by Sandra Cote

'Flight' by Erika Uustalu Nicholson


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