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Featured Artist: Doug Bogaski

'Janelle' by Doug BogaskiI guess you could say I started my art career as early as four, when  my mom discovered a freshly created masterpiece covering her living room walls. From that moment on, I’ve had a personal affair with drawing, painting, and graphic design. I excelled at art through my school years, and realized that I had to pursue my creative energy and talent much further. I enrolled in Interior Design at the University of Manitoba in 1974, and after plodding my way through three years, and almost... Continued...

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The Eastern Manitoba Artists Collective (EMAC) is an informal group of established and emerging artists from Eastern Manitoba who have come together to market their work and to promote and encourage each other as artists. 

EMAC’s region covers all of Eastern Manitoba from the Ontario border, west to Winnipeg, and from the Canada-USA border, north to Manigotagan and Seymourville. The communities within this region are culturally diverse and EMAC encourages participation from anglophone, francophone, and aboriginal communities. EMAC predominantly represents artisans from Eastern Manitoba, though members from outside the area are also welcome. Continued...

Eastern Manitoba Artists Collective Members handle all customer inquiries personally.

 Interested buyers can contact the artist directly to make and inquiry and purchase a piece. Payment and... Continued...

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Atkinson House
'Atkinson House' by George Gartrell

Laughter's Echo Toothbrushes
'Laughter's Echo Toothbrushes' by George Gartrell

Derrick's Dream
'Derrick's Dream' by Brenda McKenzie


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